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I've been taking photos and making videos since I got my first phone. I really started to develop my skills in 2017 with my first DSLR.

I started this professionally for two reasons: so I can help small businesses improve their online presence, and so I can help people have moments they can look back on with love. I love local businesses and believe photography can affect growth dramatically.

This is my side business. I work full time as an engineer in the automotive industry. I believe my engineering background gives me a very methodical approach to photography. I know the in's and out's of how my cameras/lenses work and feel that gives me a unique take on capturing powerful moments technically.

If you're curious, I use Canon cameras. I prefer their skin tones straight out of camera and I have the best luck with their colors. Mainly just a personal preference, to be honest. I'm still using DSLRs, mainly because of how tried and true they are. It also doesn't hurt that mirrorless cameras require a large investment to switch.

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Styling and What to Expect

if you need something specific, please reach out and let's talk
Photography Style

My style is generally a clean and natural look. This involves lots of prep/setup on the front end, then color correcting and slight general editing. I tend to not heavily color grade my photos. If you're looking for a specific style, let me know and we can talk.

Videography Style

It depends. Wedding videos and short films, I usually prefer a filmic, timeless look with a light general color grade. For business promotionals, these are usually bright and polished. We will work out the details before shooting.

How you'll get the product

Photo deliveries are through an online gallery. Video deliveries may be through Google Drive, YouTube, or OneDrive if the file size is very large.

When you'll get the product

For small sessions, usually my turnaround time is under a week. For large events / weddings you can expect two weeks. We will work out these details per session. Turnaround time on videos can be longer depending on what it is. Weddings generally take two weeks.

Session Information

Pricing this kind of work is very challenging...

It depends how long of a session you want, how long the video needs to be, where the location is, what turnaround time do you need, etc.

The prices below are just a starting point for you to reference and compare to other people. If you want an actual estimate, please reach out and I can give you an estimate quickly.


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baby photos
pet photos
senior / general portraits


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family photos
engagement photos


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wedding photos / video
event photos / video


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professional headshot
product photos
Other - let's talk!


For any inquiring, please text or email me. If you call, please leave me a voicemail. I look forward to helping your business thrive!

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